Digital Organization Design STARLab The best way to understand the future of work and its competitive potential is to design it. Digital Organization
Design STARLab
The best way to understand
the future of work and its
competitive potential is to design it.
Leading edge companies committed to digital transformation collectively explore, co-design, and prototype practical and innovative organizational design responses to digitalization.
Accelerating Digital Transformation through Co-Design and Co-Learning

The STARLab accelerates learning and creates organization design solutions that optimize the application of advanced technologies and human capital approaches to achieve agility and sustainable effectiveness.

The Design Lab on Organizations of the Future

STARLab Alliance, Inc is a non-profit learning consortium focused on creating next generation organization design and leadership models.  The STARLab Alliance addresses the organization design and leadership issues associated with successful digital transformation.  Participating company benefits are:

  • Application of future-oriented, state-of-the-art thinking and practice in organization strategy, design, leadership and work systems
  • Guidance from subject matter experts with decades’ long experience in applied research and practice
  • Creative, new insights and practical back-home applications to accelerate your digital transition
  • Expanded network of people and organizations who can be knowledge partners in your journey

STARLab Alliance lab events are sponsored by The Center for Creative Leadership, The Center for Effective Organization – USC Marshall School of Business, and SPRING Network. Innovation Resource Center for Human Resources (IRC4HR) is our research funding partner for the April 2nd and 3rd, 2019 event.

STARLab Company Participants


(Research Reports, White Papers, Practitioner Tools, and Article Publications)

STARLab’s approach is to move from practice to theory as compared to traditional models that move from theory to practice. Our company partners are collaborators in the development of practical knowledge about digital organizations and inventing tools that enhance organizational performance and effectiveness. This collaboration results in research reports, white papers, practitioner tools, and article publications.

This research report document summarizes eight specific organization design challenges facing companies attempting a digital transformation, and describes prototype solutions and responses to seven of these challenges.

This research paper discussed four organizational prototypes for the future, defining design specifications for the organizational features and qualities needed to address the integration of technical and social elements of the future organization designs.

This paper outlines the distinctive features and operating model of the socio-technical action research lab.